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our philosophy

Crafted with Intention

Empowering people with ethical luxury, Understorey supports communities and preserves craftsmanship.


our products

Reviving a Time-Honored Craft

Understorey serves a community of designers, decorators, and home enthusiasts who care deeply about the objects in their homes. From sourcing materials to developing textures, our rugs are thoughtfully designed for today's homes, brought to life with centuries-old craftsmanship.


our process

Commited to the craft

In India, our rugs are still crafted the old-world way. Every step of the process—whether it be the dipdyeing of wool or the intricate task of weaving—is done by hand, where proud artisans keep this time-honored tradition alive.

Understorey proudly partners with GoodWeave, a non-profit organization that audits our factories in India, ensuring that no child, forced, or bonded labor is used to make our rugs.

design with purpose

thoughtful design

design with purpose

Our products are thoughtfully designed for discerning individuals who value quality and artistry. We obsess over colors, create enduring textures, and even illustrate our own patterns, resulting in exquisitely designed rugs that stand the test of time.

Company Profile

Understorey is an atelier of bespoke rugs, artisanally crafted by the master weavers of Jaipur, India. Celebrating the Indian culture of storytelling, we alchemise your stories into the finest quality rugs – handcrafted heirlooms that set the stage for generations to come.

The birth of Understorey stems from a tale that began in 1916. Carrying forward the legacy of a four generational engagement with rugs, Understorey blossomed in the premises of the reputed SN Kapoor Exports in Jaipur with a vision to bring the understated luxury and unmatched quality of completely handmade rugs into Indian homes. What sets our work apart is an unwavering pursuit of crafting the highest-grade luxury hand-knotted rugs.

Connoting the layer of foliage underneath the canopy of a forest, Understorey rugs set a captivating story beneath your feet. Our rugs add a layer of experience between your feet and the hard earth below, evoking the richness of the wilderness. Our rugs unfurl like poetry on the floor; they speak a language of colour and design – one that can be customised to fit your unique style and personality. Through a transparent and collaborative process, we interweave your thoughts with the skills of our master craftsmen – creating a masterpiece that is completely unique to you.

At Understorey, every rug is crafted with a purpose – to empower people with ethical luxury. 

Our community is integral to who we are. From the herders and rearers to the dyers and weavers, our processes are designed to create opportunity and sustain livelihoods. With over 1200 looms and a workforce of 3500 craftsmen, we take pride in the fact that Understorey stands on the collective wisdom of the centuries-old legacy of the weavers of Jaipur, presenting it, in a new light, to the contemporary world. 


Mission Statement 

Handcrafted rugs for timeless beauty and enduring value, Understorey rugs blend exquisite designs with exceptional quality. 

Empowering people with ethical luxury, Understorey supports communities and preserves craftsmanship.

our team

Vikram Kapoor

President & Design Director

Vikram Kapoor, a doyen in the field of rugs, is at the helm of the internationally renowned SN Kapoor Exports, Jaipur. An instrumental force in the revival of the craft of handweaving in the subcontinent, Vikram is also known for being an exceptional designer, clinching the 'Best Collection of the Year' award at Domotex, the world's largest exhibition in the field of rugs.

As lead designer at Understorey, Vikram relentlessly continues to experiment with colour, pattern, and texture to create mesmerizing tapestries. His journey from a young dreamer to a renowned designer and entrepreneur exemplifies the power of passion and his boundless creative spirit.

Rahul Kapoor

Co-founder & CEO

Part of a four-generation legacy of rug making, Rahul Kapoor co-founded Understorey with the aim to bring completely handmade, bespoke rugs to the Indian market. Rahul uses his in-depth technical knowledge of rugs to drive research and development at Understorey.

Vivaan Kapoor


Vivaan Kapoor is the Co-founder of Understorey, an international medal-winning trapshooter and a proud member of the Indian Shooting Team. He brings his entrepreneurial energy to Understorey, heading outreach and public relations with the aim of bringing the traditional craft into the modern world.

Varun Pardal

Chief Operations Officer

With expertise in business administration, Varun Pardal oversees operations and quality control at the Understorey workshop in Jaipur. His penchant for order and detail allows him to ensure that every rug is made to the highest quality and finish.

Sanjana Kapoor

Chief Marketing Officer &
Public Relations

Sanjana Kapoor, a finance and marketing expert, drives outreach at Understorey, aiming to bring the artisans to the forefront and celebrate craftsmanship through exquisitely designed rugs. She is also passionate about holistic development and is also a trained Yoga instructor.

our artisans

Crafted with Heart and Heritage

At Understorey, our rugs are not merely products; they are stories intricately woven by the hands of master artisans. For generations, these skilled craftsmen from Jaipur have nurtured the art of rug-making, passing down their wisdom from one artisan to the next. Their dedication to their craft and the sustained passion over the years play a pivotal role in preserving this timeless tradition.

Each knot they tie, each thread they weave, echoes a legacy that transcends time. The experience of these artisans is woven into every fiber, and their keen eye for detail ensures the flawless creation of each rug. Their commitment to perfection and artistry forms the very essence of Understorey’s unrivaled quality and beauty.

As we celebrate ethical luxury, we also honor these talented artisans, valuing their craftsmanship and empowering their communities. They are the heartbeat of Understorey, keeping the spirit of heritage alive, and together, we create exquisite handcrafted heirlooms that tell the stories of generations to come.

Artisans hand knotting rugs