Wabi-sabi | Elegance

Reigniting the embers of craftsmanship

Introducing the Kintsugi Collection—a revival of the ancient art of rug weaving in Jaipur. In the midst of modernity, this collection breathes life into the fading embers of craftsmanship, symbolising resilience and transformation.

Guided by the Kintsugi philosophy of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals, our collection embraces the enduring legacy of handcrafted rugs. Our journey started with exploring patterns of oxidation etched by time on centuries-old wool rugs. As a representation of the potency of revival, these patterns of ageing are traced using thread plated with gold and silver, lending a subtle shine and the elegance of time to the pieces. 

Along with the master weavers, Understorey was able to develop a unique knotting technique that allows for the gold and silver thread to be flat-woven in combination with the pile-weave of the wool. Achieving 11*11 knots per square inch, our rugs embody both innovation and tradition. The Kintsugi Collection bridges heritage and contemporary design, intertwining traditional patterns with modern hues.

Just as Kintsugi values the beauty of imperfection, the rugs celebrate the nuances of handcrafting. Each thread, each knot, is a testament to human ingenuity. In a world often discarding the old for the new, the Kintsugi Collection reimagines the past, bringing the enduring beauty of transformation into your space.