knot density

understanding knot density in hand-knotted carpets

In the enchanting world of hand-knotted carpets, knot density plays a pivotal role in defining the rug’s beauty and craftsmanship. This intricate technique, meticulously mastered by skilled artisans, determines the level of detail, intricacy, and durability of the final masterpiece.

Knot Density

Knot density refers to the number of knots per square inch in the rug’s weave. The higher the knot density, the more knots are tightly woven together, resulting in a denser and finer surface. These finely woven knots create breathtaking patterns, bringing life to intricate designs and captivating textures.

the craft

Craftsmen laboriously tie each individual knot, infusing the carpet with their artistry and devotion. As a result, high knot density rugs boast unmatched intricacy, vibrant color depth, and exceptional longevity.

end experience

Experience the allure of knot density firsthand, as each rug becomes a symphony of craftsmanship, reflecting the skill and dedication of the artisans who meticulously weave their magic. Let your space resonate with the artistry of hand-knotted carpets, where knot density elevates your home to an unparalleled level of elegance and sophistication.