Kinetic Chroma

Dynamic | Vivid

Vitality Beneath Your Feet

The Kinetic Chroma collection serves as an embodiment of the concept of transforming art into a functional masterpiece for the floor. Capturing the fluid, expressive movement of abstract art, these rugs are designed to infuse any space with a sense of vitality and motion. 

Envisioned as a canvas of colour and texture, the rugs feature an interplay between wool and silk, deftly dyed and handwoven by the master weavers to mimic bold brushstrokes. Each rug in this collection is designed as a centrepiece around which contemporary spaces can be crafted.

In this collection, the legacy of generations devoted to perfecting the art of handmade rugs harmoniously converges with modernity’s hues and arresting patterns, propelling traditional craftsmanship into the new world.