Alchemize your story

Craft Your Design Legacy: An Exclusive Invitation from Understorey for the Creatively Inclined.

Are you an aficionado of form and function, a connoisseur of beauty in every stitch and weave? Whether you’re an industry luminary or an emerging talent in the realm of design, Understorey extends an exclusive invitation to collaborate on a  journey like no other. This is more than a partnership; it’s an artistic rendezvous where your creative genius meets our artisanal craftsmanship.

Imagine a rug that’s not just a rug, but a narrative woven in colors and textures, a reflection of your unique aesthetic vision. Whether you’re curating for an elite clientele or adorning your personal sanctuary, our collaboration offers an unparalleled opportunity to create bespoke pieces that are nothing short of art.

Contact us to embark on this transformative odyssey of design and craftsmanship. After all, why settle for the everyday when you can create the extraordinary?

Create the perfect rug

Personalize your home décor: Understorey’s custom rug program. Craft a unique rug that adds warmth and reflects your style.

step 1

Design Submission

Share your unique design or sketch with Understorey to lay the foundation for your custom carpet.

step 2

Size, Shape & Finishing

Carefully choose the appropriate size and shape, while selecting from an assortment of premium finishings for quality, durability, and lasting beauty.

step 3

Design Finalization

Collaborate with our expert team to refine and transform your concept into a detailed carpet design using advanced computer programs.

step 4

Carding, Spinning & Dyeing

Our skilled artisans prepare and align the dyed yarns to ensure optimal strength and vibrant colors, ready to be woven into your unique rug.

step 5

Weaving Masterpiece

Our master weavers utilize traditional techniques and state-of-the-art looms to intricately weave each dyed thread, bringing your custom carpet to life.

carpets taken for packaging and delivery

step 6

Quality Check & Delivery

Your bespoke carpet undergoes a thorough quality check before it's delivered, ensuring it meets our highest standards.

Create your own rug

Send us your own design