rug importance

the importance of rugs & how to use them

Rugs can be a game changer on how a room looks and feels. Rugs can either sit in harmony with your room or they can make a statement by adding an element of surprise. There are lot more reasons why we should have rugs in our homes. Following are some of the compelling reasons.

visual pathway

Hallways can be transformed from dull to inviting with the addition of a rug. Creating a visual pathway with a rug draws the eye towards connecting rooms, allowing you to introduce patterns and colors that flow seamlessly into your design scheme.

connect spaces

Unify and visually connect rooms by placing similar style or colored rugs in connecting spaces. This creates a seamless flow from one room to the next, especially effective in neutral or minimal spaces.

sound absorption

Rugs are excellent for sound absorption, particularly in homes with hardwood or tiled floors. They help reduce noise levels and create a more comfortable living environment.

create a feature

Layering rugs can create a striking feature in an open-plan space. By angling and overlapping rugs, you can add depth and impact to your seating area, avoiding the "floating rug" effect.

as art

Rugs have evolved into works of art, making them suitable for hanging on walls. They provide a decorative element while also helping to absorb sound, making them a versatile and visually appealing addition to any space.

reinforce your design scheme

Choose a rug that complements the colors and elements of your design scheme to reinforce the overall look and feel of your room. Rugs play an essential role in creating a well-dressed and cohesive space.

zone areas within open plan spaces

Open-plan spaces can benefit from rugs to define and anchor specific areas. By using rugs to zone different spaces, you can create a sense of purpose and organization in larger rooms.

add character & personality with pattern

Introduce pattern and visual interest through rugs, as they offer a more versatile and easily changeable option compared to wall decor. Rugs bring character and personality to neutral spaces and can enhance the overall aesthetic.

reinforce your style

Rugs can accentuate the style and theme of a room, adding depth and warmth. They serve as a visual and tactile element that enhances the overall ambiance of the space.

inject some color

Bathrooms, typically neutral spaces, can benefit from the introduction of a rug to add color, pattern, and texture. Rugs not only provide visual interest but also create a practical and comfortable environment.

add a new dimension with texture

Rugs with a three-dimensional quality can add depth and texture to your floors, creating visual contrast and interest. These rugs offer a unique and captivating element to elevate your interior design.

lift dark spaces

Darker spaces can appear flat without the presence of texture and visual interest. Rugs provide an instant solution by adding texture, creating a visually lifted and more engaging environment.

layered it up

Layering rugs adds texture and contrast, bringing additional visual interest to your space. This technique works beautifully in farmhouse-style interiors, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

size matters

When choosing a rug, opt for the largest size that fits your room. Avoid the floating rug effect by ensuring the rug extends under all four legs of each piece of furniture or at least the front legs. This anchors the furniture and enhances safety while filling the negative space in your room.