The Moirai

Mystical | Intricate

A glance through the passage of time

Symbolising the passage of time, The Moirai from Greek mythology represent the weavers who spin, measure, and cut the thread of life for every person. The rugs of this collection embody a portal that looks through the passage of time, portraying layers of contemporary hues,  of weathered time, uncovering antique motifs from bygone years.  

Harnessing the synergy of wool and silk, Understorey’s master weavers have meticulously perfected a unique knotting technique – one that allows for the fusion of an intricate flat weave alongside the plush pile weave. Achieving a remarkable 11*11 knots per square inch, these rugs embody the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, echoing the sentiments of enduring design. 

Portraying the concept of time, the rugs are designed to infuse a sense of depth and memory into contemporary spaces.