Layering Rugs: A Trend in Modern Interior Design

Layering rugs is not just a trend; it’s a design game-changer. When done right, it can transform your space into a cosy, stylish haven. Here are some tips on choosing complementary rugs and the benefits of this trend:

  • Mix and Match Colors: For a harmonious blend, opt for rugs with colours that complement each other. Think warm neutrals with a pop of bold colour, or a monochromatic scheme with subtle variations.
  • Vary Textures: Different textures add tactile interest to your space. Combine a plush, soft rug with a flat-woven one for a dynamic, cosy feel.
  • Play with Patterns: A solid rug can anchor your space, while a patterned rug adds depth. Try pairing a geometric pattern with a more organic design for a visually appealing contrast.
  • Size Matters: Ensure that your base rug, usually the larger one, grounds the room. The top rug, smaller in size, should create a defined space. This creates visual layers and a sense of organisation.

Benefits of Rug Layering:

  • Aesthetic Depth: Layered rugs add depth and dimension, making your space feel visually richer and more inviting. They can break up monotonous flooring and inject personality.
  • Versatile Design: With layered rugs, you have the freedom to change your room’s look effortlessly. Switching the top rug can transform your space with minimal effort.
  • Improved Acoustics: Rugs absorb sound, reducing echo in open spaces. Layering rugs can make a room feel cosier while minimising noise.
  • Added Comfort: Layering provides extra cushioning, which is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas. Your feet will thank you.