Tracing the roots of Understorey

Understorey was born of the rich legacy of SN Kapoor Exports in Jaipur, established way back in 1916. Today, as an atelier of bespoke rugs artisanally crafted by the master weavers of Jaipur, we comprise a tight-knit unit with over 3500 craftsmen and 1200 looms. We alchemise your story into the finest quality rugs–handcrafted heirlooms that set the stage for generations to come.

The word ‘Understorey’ connotes the layer of foliage underneath the canopy of a forest, the base of the ecosystem, much like how the placement of a rug marks the burgeoning of a space. Our brand is a testament to the vision and passion of its co-founders–Rahul Kapoor and Vivaan Kapoor, who have embraced the family’s four-generational legacy with pride. Through Understorey, we aim to bring completely handmade luxury rugs to the Indian market with the purpose of empowering people with ethical luxury.

A story that is uniquely yours

Specialising in bespoke rugs while also offering a range of unique collections, we ensure that our rugs are designed to reflect your truest self, weaving an heirloom knotted with memories that last generations.

Each rug is meticulously hand-knotted using only the highest-grade raw materials, ensuring durability and longevity. These rugs are more than mere floor coverings; they are works of art reflective of deep tradition, passion, and dedication.

An unyielding focus on research and development

What sets our work apart is an undying quest to develop the finest quality luxury, hand-knotted rugs. From sourcing the highest grade raw material, including fine silk, Mongolian cashmere, wool, and more, to exploring the right knotting techniques to unleash the full potential of the material, to tempering our washing and finishing techniques to bring out each texture, our rugs are a result of a rigorous focus of research and development.

We specialise in rugs with 11*11 knots per square inch, the holy grail in the rug industry, reflective of our dedication towards the quality and durability of our products.

Embracing ethical luxury

Understorey goes beyond just creating beautiful rugs. We define luxury by the time, care and attention spent by our artisans and designers on developing each of our products. Our rugs further the cause of ethical luxury, allowing you to buy into a system designed to support our communities, keeping the craft alive and relevant.

Follow us on our journey as we uncover a world of #ArtisanalAlchemy!