A legacy of rug making

The birth of Understorey stems from a tale that began in 1916. Having worked closely with the master weavers of Jaipur for over a century, Understorey was founded to bring understated luxury and unmatched quality into Indian homes.

Embracing Ethical Luxury

At Understorey, luxury is defined by the time, care and attention spent on creating each of our products. Our rugs further the cause of ethical luxury, allowing you to buy into a system designed to support our communities, keeping the craft alive and relevant.

Rigorous Research & Development

Our differentiating factor is an unrelenting pursuit of the highest quality, hand-knotted rugs, encompassing experimentation with knotting techniques, colours, dyes, and textures. We specialise in fine and intricate weaving, reflecting our unwavering dedication to excellence and longevity.

A Story That is Uniquely Yours

Specialising in bespoke rugs while also offering a range of unique collections, we ensure that our rugs are designed to reflect your truest self, weaving an heirloom, knotted with memories, that lasts generations.